SeaWatch 1303 and 1312 at Ocean City, MD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent weekends? Do you rent single nights? Do you rent mini-weeks?At the current time, we only rent Sat-Sat in season. Off season, we do rent weekends / nights. Mini-weeks: we will rent a partial week within 2 weeks of the arrival date if it is still available -- but our preference is the full week rental.Top
Is there any night security checks or anything else that we need to know when we arrive?You have the keys and the tags. When you arrive, you need to register with the security team at the parking garage. Security is 24x7. They will ask you what unit # you are staying in and want to get information on you and your car. After registering, you unpack the car in the designated area and use the carts to take your belongings to the unit.Top
Are they any life guards on the the beach in front of the Condo? Or, is it swim at your own risk?Yes, life guards are on the beach every day in season from 10am to 5:30pm.Top
Can you recommend anywhere we can go or do if it rains?There is a game room on the first floor of seawatch, as well as a private cinema. Gold coast mall is across the street; so is a movie theatre. There is bowling on 72nd street. There is an indoor golf on 68rd + 123rd street; laser tag on 33rd street.Top
Any good local resturants?We like Mackeys, fish tales, 3 brothers, house of pancakes, crab cake factory, bonfire, bayside skillet, harrisons, tequila mockingbird, mothers cantina, harpoon hanahs.Top
How far of a walk is it to the beach/town?OC MD goes from division stree to 142 street -- so we are right in the city. We walk right out the door and are on the beach. When our family goes to our SeaWatch units, we park the car in the garage and never have to drive again until we leave.Top
What are the open and close dates for each pool? What are the depth of each pool? What are the dimensions of each pool?The Outdoor and Kiddie pools opens Memorial Day Weekend and closes September 30th. The Indoor pool is open daily from the end of March to the end of November. The indoor pool is also open Christmas through New Years and Presidents Day Weekend (Friday Noon - Monday 6 pm). Depth: the Outdoor 3 to 7 ft; the Indoor pool is 3 to 6 ft. Dimensions: the Outdoor pool is L shaped 49 ft x 35 ft; the Indoor pool is a circle with a 36 ft diameter; the Kiddie pool is shaped like Nemo!Top
Is the den a separate room?The den is a separate room, but it does not have a separate doorTop
How are the bedrooms set up?1303 has a King Bed in the master bedroom, two Twin Beds in the guest bedroom, a Queen Sofa Bed in both the living room and the den. 1312 has a Queen Bed in the master bedroom, a day (twin) ben in the den, and 2 Queen Sofa Beds in both the great room.Top
When will I get a signed contract from you? Do I get it when I pay in full?We send your signed copy of the agreement back as an attachment to an email a couple days after we receive the agreement and the funds. We send keys and tags via USPS about 1 week before your arrival date.Top
How do you calculate the 30% rental fee deposit?It is 30% of the base rental fee. You do not need to make a deposit on the taxes, security deposit or key deposit. For example, if the rental fee is $1799, the deposit would be 30% of $1799 or $540.Top
When is the final balance due?The balance of the Fee/Taxes and the Security Deposit is due 4 weeks prior to the arrival date.Top
Do you accept personal checks? Credit card?Personal Checks are accepted. There is a 5% surcharge on all credit card charges.Top
How will we exchange the keys?We either arrange for pick up / drop off of keys in OC with a realator or we exchange keys via USPS. We send keys and tags via USPS about 1 week before your arrival date. We include a return envelope for you to use upon your checkout.Top
What floor is the unit located on?The 13th floor.Top
Do you provide linens (sheets & bath towels)?When you enter the unit, all the beds will have covers and bed spreads. They will NOT have sheets and pillow cases. There are NO bath towels. There are linens in the closets, but they are not "managed". We do NOT include linens as part of the rental. If they are there and you can use them, great. If you use them, please launder and return them. We consider them spares and would recommend you bring your own linens. We will pass on this recommendation/information (from our realtor, not us): OC Beach and Linen Rental 1-800-422-2742 or 410-524-7057.Top
Can you get to balcony from master bdrm only? From any other rooms can you see view of ocean?There are doors to the balcony from the living room and the master bedroom in 1303 and from the great room in 1312. You can view the ocean from the kitchen (both units), living room (1303), master bedroom(1303) and great room (1312). We have a mirror wall in the living room of 1312 (planned for 1303 in the near future), so you almost always have a view.Top
Do you have beach chairs?We do not provide beach chairs, but sometimes they are left in our laundry room. If they are there, you are welcome to use them.Top
What is the parking situation? What if I wanted to park on the street - would that be an easy thing to do?From Mid May until the end of September, SeaWatch Management charges $40 for the stay to park in the secure garage on the property. As of July 4, 2014 SeaWatch started enforcing a 2 car per unit limit. Gold coast mall is across the street, but you park at your own risk. The closest bet for on street parking would be bayside.Top
I had a question about parking. Is it underground/garage style or are there also Sea-Watch-only open spaces? We were considering using one of those top-of-car luggage carriers, which probably makes our car too tall to fit in a garage.The secure parking garage has 5 levels, but most likely the top luggage carrier will be too tall for the garage. We have used one in the past, and it does NOT fit. Sea watch has 6 spaces out front, but they are often taken. You can take your cargo box off the roof and store it in the garage (this is where you make friends with the security guards) – just label it with masking tape; there is a storage area behind the carts.Top
What is your policy on security deposits?It could take up to 5 weeks after you check out to refund any deposits. We are looking to get the keys and tags back from you in a timely manner and a positive inspection report from our cleaning crew before we refund the deposits. Sorry, security deposits are no fun for us either.Top
Do you cash my security deposit check?In the past, we did not cash the deposits, but we got burned on that. We try to be fair and yet protect ourselves. We decided we need to cash deposit checks, but we will wait until the arrival date to do so. To be quite frank, it would be so nice to not even bother with deposits, but it’s just not practical.Top
Can I put the security deposit on my credit card?Yes. There is a 5% surcharge on all credit card charges. This surcharge is not returned.Top
We are thinking of bringing our bicycles with us. Is there anywhere we could ride them? Are they allowed by the beach? Where can we store the bikes?You can store your bikes in the locked bike room in the garage. You get the keys at the security desk. You can bike everywhere. You can ride bikes on the Boardwalk; just be aware that the hours are restricted in season to before 10am. North Shore Park (128th St. on the bay) has several paths for biking and running. We ride bikes almost every visit to OC MD. We usually try to ride the smaller side streets, although there are biking lanes on both sides of the Main Road.Top
How many tennis courts are there? Is there a fee to use them?There are 3 lighted tennis courts. There is no additional fee to use them. They are only available for use by guests of SeaWatch.Top
What is the WIFI code?1312+1303 - The WIFI unit (router) is located in the kitchen of 1303 and in the great room in 1312. Occassionally the router may need to have power cycled. SeaWatch has free wifi in the atrium and the pool areas. OC is a wifi city so you can purchase days online for it. And last, but not least, I always am able to find a wifi that I can connect to every visit.Top
What is the approximate size (area) of the unit?Each unit (we have 2, 1303 and 1312) is approximately 850 square feet.Top
What are Sea Watch Condominum Management's regulations?These are handed to you as you arrive and register your car for parking, click here for a printable set of the 2017 version..Top
Any special instructions for off-season/winter rentals?Yes, click here for a printable set of instructions. The instructions apply to both 1312 and 1303.Top
What are the check in and check out times?Check in is 4pm and check out is 10am. Having stated that, you will have the keys and tags. This is not a hotel, but a privately owned condo – so there is no formal check in/out. We set the times in our agreement to have a window for the cleaners to get their job done. You are welcome to use any of the amenities in SeaWatch (pools, game rooms, tennis courts…) anytime on your arrival and departure days – but we do ask you to honor being out of the unit on time so we can get it cleaned for the next guest. If you arrive and the cleaners have finished, you are welcome to use the unit before 4pm.Top
What street is the building located on?115th Street and Coastal Highway - ocean side of course!Top
Can I bring my pet?Sorry, the SeaWatch bylaws only allows owners to have pets on the premise.Top
Can I grill?No, it is not safe in a condiminium building to have open flames.Top